During the artist residency at The Firestation in Doha, and in partnership with Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, I was asked to reinterpret an artwork from the Egyptian artist Mahmoud Mokhtar. After doing some research about the artist and his work, i found a particular interest in two of his sculptures: «El Fallahah» and «El Khamaseen». Inspired by the concepts behind Mokhtar´s work and as an homage, I created digital sculptures/images following the original artworks. 
Cinema 4D, Octane, Marvelous Designer and Photoshop.
EL FALLAHAH is what egyptians call an Egyptian female farmer.
Original work by Mahmoud Mokhtar
Khamaseen is what Egyptians call the wind-driven sand storms that take place every spring.“El Khamaseen”is one of Mokhtar’s most iconic statues, made in 1929. It portrays a woman going against the strong wind, representing persistence at the time of the British occupation. 
Original work by Mahmoud Mokhtar
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